ID cards replaced in a heartbeat?

Ever thought you’d be able to unlock a door or your PC with your heartbeat?

No? We didn’t either. But Bionym’s latest brainchild – the Nymi – promises to do all that, and more.

Bionym nymi
It’s enough to set our pulses racing

On first glance, the Nymi is a simple looking wristband, a bit like a minimalist watch. But according to Bionym, it’s actually “the first wearable authentication technology that allows you to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm recognition”. Or put another way, this nifty wristband is able to authenticate your identity by measuring the rhythm of your pulse.

So in any situation where you have to prove your identity to do something – like use your ID cards, pay for your lunch or boot up your laptop – the Nymi will automatically do it for you.

The latest advance in access control?

There have been a lot of innovations unveiled recently in the world of access control and ID cards security. HID Global have recently introduced their gesture based methods – which would allow us to open doors with the right wave of the hand. New biometric methods and smartphone technologies continue to make headlines. Will this new wristband be the way you unlock your car doors in the future?

Be still my beating heart…

What we want to know is what happens if your heartbeat speeds up or down? What if someone in the office reception sets your heart racing? Will you be locked out until you calm down?

We’ll have to wait and see – it’s early days. The company haven’t released the hardware yet, or the developer program.

However if you want to be first in line when they do come out, you can pre-order for the launch price of $79. There’s even a choice of colours.

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