ID cards & swipe cards: how secure is your workplace, really?

Card products to increase security
Is your business and staff adequately protected?

How confident are you that your building, staff and equipment are adequately protected? And what about your visitors – are you following health and safety regulations?

When talk turns to protecting your business, the focus naturally falls on insurance first. Having the right policies in place covering contents, buildings, employees and professional indemnity is crucial should the worst happen.

But when is the last time you properly looked at your business from a security perspective? Do you have photographic ID cards and swipe cards as protection for example?

How secure is your building?
The larger the building and numbers of staff, the more opportunities there are for unwanted visitors to enter your premises. Having an entry system is a good place to start and doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. There are many access control options out there on the market, and you can choose from swipe cards, key fobs, encoded ring tags, wrist tags, tokens and even time and attendance systems.

Photographic identity cards
Photographic ID cards – step up security

Do your staff have photographic ID cards?
Photographic ID cards will ensure that the right people only access the right areas, particularly if you choose to incorporate further security features such as a magnetic stripe or signature strip. Prices start from just £93.09 for a pack of 10 cards including card holders and clips.

Keep track of visitors and contractors
Keeping track of every visitor to your building is also paramount from a health and safety perspective. We stock packs of Visitor Passes and Contractor Passes which contain everything you need to set up and record the visitor’s information whilst creating a current fire register and future reference sheet.

Parking permits
Specially designed parking passes withstand low & high temperatures

We can even print custom car park passes to ensure the right people are parking where they should.

For your security and peace of mind all Card Network staff are CRB vetted.