ID cards: would you challenge someone without theirs?

Or more to the point, would your staff challenge someone who didn’t have an ID card around their neck?

Many organisations that provide photo ID cards to their staff aren’t vigilant enough about policing them. This is often because there isn’t a company-wide ID policy in place that includes all visitors to the building, therefore people aren’t sure who should or should not be badged. In organisations where there is a reception with reception staff or security staff, there is a tendancy for employees to default responsibility to them.

Which means there is a good chance that an unwelcome visitor could gain access to your building.

Photo ID card packs
Make sure everyone is aware of your photo ID policy

In the healthcare sector for example, and certainly in all NHS Trusts, every member of staff is empowered and positively encouraged to challenge anyone not wearing ID cards whilst on the premises. Staff are encouraged to freely move around public areas, but to question anyone without a badge in ‘higher risk’ areas such as wards or restricted areas. This policy helps to keep staff and patients safe, as there is an approved badge system for all staff, official visitors and contractors throughout the Trust. Everyone is aware of the policy and its importance, and everyone has a vested interest in making sure it’s adhered to.

Ask yourself the following questions:

–  Do you always provide visitors and contractors with ID cards or visitor pass / contractor passes?

–  Do you provide staff with replacement ID cards if they’ve forgotten or mislaid theirs?

–  Have you communicated to staff that they should stop and check with anyone not wearing an ID card?

Increasing security is simple: make sure every person in your building is identified and that everyone is aware of your policy.