IFSEC 2014 round up

Thermal cameras are coming to your smartphone, the smallest door controller we’ve ever seen, a surveillance robot only 50cm high & The Raptor

IFSEC International is one of the biggest dates in the security industry’s calendar. If you manufacture security products, you’ll have been planning for this one for months.

This year it was held in the ExCeL in London and attracted over 24,000 visitors from around the globe.

Here’s a breakdown of what interested us most when we were there.

E-vigilante surveillance robot

Watch out opportunistic crooks, there’s a robot on your tail. EOS Innovation, an award-winning European start-up, were showing off their E-vigilante robot with high-resolution camera, and rightly so.  The camera pans 360° and can patrol randomly or follow a pre-programmed route – all of which is controlled by a security agent remotely.

A key target is organisations with large warehouses or areas that can’t always be easily physically patrolled, and obviously it can keep people costs down.

The remote agent can choose to set off alarms, flashing lights or talk to the intruder through the robot. So you could say it’s like your front-line in defence, even though it’s just 50cm tall.

z-5r door controller
No bigger than your thumb

Is this the smallest door controller you’ve ever seen?

It was for us. That’s our £1 coin beside it on the photo, so you can see it to scale. Annoyingly, we forgot to take it with us when we left. Stand people: you owe us a quid.

This teeny Z-5R door controller bills itself as the ‘simplest entry controller’ and it certainly won’t be an eyesore in your expensively designed office. Despite its size, it still has the memory for 1364 cards. Put one in your pocket today.

The Raptor
Who’s up for a test drive?

The Raptor

The world’s first road-legal, three-wheeled electric powered vehicle. Where can we take it out for a spin?

The Raptor is being marketed as a ‘major breakthrough for policing and security patrols’. The ‘driver’ stands on an elevated platform that gives them the ability to see over crowds – making it ideal for events or processions.

With its top speed of 25mph it’s never going to be one for catching car thieves. But its ‘custom-made chassis, electronic differential and intuitive handle bars’ made it one of the most popular products at the show for gadget lovers. Whether it’s actually practical in a crowd situation remains to be seen.

Flir One

Always wanted a thermal imaging camera on your iPhone? Well you’ll soon be able to, if you can afford it.

FLIR were giving us a sneak peek of their first thermal imaging device designed for consumers that translates thermal energy into dynamic colour images. Good for outdoor adventures, detecting leaks, security and much more. You just know it’ll be a great hit at parties.

DESfire technology is everywhere

One thing we couldn’t help but notice is how much DESfire technology is now being used in access control readers. Compared with our visit to IFSEC last year, the amount of manufacturers now using DESfire has increased significantly. With this will come a demand for more DESfire cards, which are currently only readily available as blank, non-branded cards.

We will shortly be able to offer pre-printed DESfire cards – with both trade branding and trade prices available. If you’re an installer interested in these, please contact us.

Other things that got us talking

access control lock
Impenetrable? Now there’s a challenge…

Paxton Access showed us their nigh-on impenetrable door lock and eSurv attracted big crowds to look at their drone that can be used for surveillance with their VMS software.

We were able to get a good look at HID Global’s new iClass Seos contactless smart cards that will be the next big thing in securing identities.

We also got a good look at how Samsung are ‘changing the face of IP’ with their open platform technology that allows customers to upload third-party apps to their cameras. You can watch their video on YouTube

Unsurprisingly, innovation is alive and well in the security industry, and NFC technology continues to make its mark. Let’s wait and see what IFSEC in 2015 has to offer.