Inexpensive ways to improve your visitor experience

Would you want the next visitor into reception to be able to see all of your personal details laid out on the visitor’s book?

Probably not, especially if you’re pitching for some business.

Imagine the scenario: it’s taken you months to get the appointment, and you’ve finally secured a meeting with the MD. Unbeknownst to you, one of the next visitors to sign-in is one of your competitors. Thanks to the Visitor’s Book, they now know they’re in a pitch situation, and you’ve lost the advantage.

Keeping visitor details confidential is simple and inexpensive

You don’t need to invest in expensive visitor management software to handle visitors appropriately and meet your health & safety requirements at the same time.

Such software is great for dealing with large amounts of visitors on a daily basis, and for tying visitor procedures into access control system. But for smaller organisations, a paper-based visitor system does the job, and at the right price.

Visitor details board
A discrete bottom sheet keeps visitors’ details hidden

Visitor pass ‘in system’

You can buy visitor passes as part of a ‘system’ – essentially a sheet on a writing board that allows you to record visit date, name, host, company and vehicle information. All these details are held on a discrete bottom sheet, whilst pre-numbered visitor passes are handed to the individuals. This maintains the privacy of the visitor by keeping their information hidden.

It also creates a reference log of all visitors for the future, and more importantly, a current fire register: a health and safety requirement.

Standard visitor passes systems and contractor pass systems generally include passes, writing board, storage tower, pen set and wallets and clips. Our off-the-shelf systems including 200 visitor passes start from just £84.35.

Custom printed visitor passes increase security further

Standard visitor pass systems are readily available, so it’s easy for someone to get their hands on one and wander around your building without raising suspicion. But a branded version is far more difficult to copy.

As well as including your logo on the visitors pass, you can also include specific health and safety information, internal maps, onsite instructions for contractors, or highlight different access rights.

Let’s also not forget the fact that a branded welcome also presents a more professional image to visitors.

Interested in branded visitor passes? Contact our friendly team for a quote.