Introducing our membership cards ‘mini-me’

They say ‘small is beautiful’, and who are we to argue. We’ve just brought out a range of membership cards and loyalty cards that come with a replica key tag for your customers to attach to their key ring.

It means they’re never without their membership cards, even if they don’t have their wallet to hand.

membership cards and key tag
The key tag easily snaps off to be affixed to a key ring

Our cards are rather attached to their ‘mini-me’.


We can now supply your membership cards or loyalty cards with the key tag attached. It’s then easily snapped off. It’s a much easier solution than separate cards, is more cost effective and easier to mail. Feedback also tells us that they’re well received by customers.

The next time you’re ordering membership cards or loyalty cards, think about the benefits of key tags. For just a small extra fee, you can ensure your customers carry your cards around with them at all times. And what’s more – key tags keep your brand name visible, rather than hidden away in a pocket or purse.

250 double-sided full colour cards with snap-off key tags start from just £192.75