Are hand gestures the future of access control?

Access control technology is constantly advancing. The latest invention in the industry comes from HID Global, which has just announced its innovative ‘gesture based’ methods, which can be used on RFID-based devices such as smart cards and smartphones.

It means that we could soon be opening doors with a wave.

Access control entry gesture
If you don’t know the right wave, you’re not getting in

According to HID Global, the technology will increase privacy and convenience, as well as security. For example, it can allow the user to secretly signal that he is using his card to gain access, but is under duress.

How will it work in practice?
A user will define a series of hand sequences or gestures that will control the operation of an RFID- based reader, like a door lock. When presenting their smart cards to reader, the user will repeat these gestures – for example rotating the card clockwise by 180 degrees and then back again – to gain entry. These ‘passwords’ include 3-D motions such as moving to the left, right, back and forward.

This is a new authentication factor in access control, and steps up security: cloned or lost smart cards would be useless without the appropriate hand gesture.

The technology can also be incorporated into a smartphone, where the user determines gesture-based ‘passwords’ to unlock apps or complete a phone-based transaction.

HID Global is currently inviting partners to contact them for information on licensing the patent.

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