Is your wallet getting bigger?

How many printed plastic cards do you carry around with you? 

printed plastic cards
How many printed plastic cards are in your wallet?

There was a time (not that long ago either) when you had one bank card and one credit card in your wallet, and that was about it. Now, your purse is likely to be full of  branded printed plastic cards. Have a look – we bet you’ve got more than you think.

Having done a quick strawpoll here, we think the average is between 12-14 cards.

As well as your debit and credit cards, you’ll probably have your driving licence, a few loyalty cards, a swipe card for work, club cards for your sports or leisure club, membership cards for any other clubs you’re part of, a couple of discount or promotional cards, a business card, a travel card and maybe even a library card. One of us even had a plastic card book token.

Oh, and don’t forget to count any keytags you’ve got on your key chain.

Which means that your clever wallet can now take out money, get a discount, gain entry to a building, check out books, get you on public transport, rack up points and even get you a free coffee.

So come on, own up – how many printed plastic cards do you have?

And if you could have one more, what would it be?