It’s festival season. Access all areas?

It’s festival season and the sun is finally shining. Will this be the year sales of sun tan lotion outdo the sales of wellies? Probably not.

Whatever size of festival you’re running, there will be security and access issues to consider. Plastic event passes, ID cards and lanyards are all ways of making sure that the right people gain entry to the festival, and to the right areas.

Designing your own lanyard with the festival’s branding is a great way to promote the event in the first place as well as give ticket holders a means of displaying their pass at all times. We can provide 1000 high quality custom designed lanyards for just £364.00.

Plastic cards for events and festivals
High quality event passes

There’s nothing like the hype of receiving your lanyard and event pass through the post. As well as looking more professional, printing your event passes on plastic cards instead of paper means they are more durable and have a higher perceived value. It also reduces your risk of forgeries, especially if you provide numbered cards. Ask festival goers to provide their name and photographs in advance, and you can have bespoke ID cards waiting for them at the gate.

From a security point of view, you might want pre-printed staff lanyards for your workers or contractor lanyards. Some of our clients also design bespoke lanyards for different categories of ticket holders, e.g. an ‘access all areas’ colour and design or one specific to the campsite, for those who have paid for a tent pitch.

Print your own plastic cards

If security is one of your primary concerns, consider buying a plastic card printing system so that you can provide photographic ID badges on the day. The investment required upfront isn’t prohibitive, and you will easily recoup that investment. They’re quite small so are easily portable.  All you’ll need is a digital camera to take a photograph of the ticket holder. You can upload it onto your laptop and print out cards as and when people arrive. You can pick up a Magicard system from as little as £797.00, which allows you to print cards with security features including ISO magnetic strip encoding and the HoloKote anti-counterfeit watermark.

Make sure you have a stock of blank cards with you – again, you could use different colours of cards for different access privileges.