Keep your secure access control cards secure

Card identity theft is growing. It’s contactless debit cards that have hit the news recently – and how easy it is for identity thieves to capture personal data if they have the right technology to hand.

But what about your ‘secure’ access control cards? Could the data on these be cloned too?

In some cases, the answer is most certainly yes.

Cotag access control card
Stop thieves cloning your access control cards with rigid card holders

Keep your secure areas secure

The cloning of access control cards and key fobs presents a significant security risk.

An unattended bag in a nearby café or a visible wallet on a crowded commuter train – both present an opportunity to someone looking to steal your data or identity information.

There are obviously technology options out there to maintain higher access control security through increased encoding, but these can be cost-prohibitive, and take time to install.

One highly cost-effective way to address the issue now is to use plastic card protectors.

A simple and easy way to protect your access control cards

Rigid card protectors secure personal information on any RFID smart card including the popular MIFARE and iClass cards. A layer of transparent rigid shielded material prevents unauthorised access to the data held, without impacting on performance.

So wherever your access control card is, as long as it’s in its holder, the data on it is protected.  

Giving one to all of your staff, and enforcing its use means you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your building – and secure areas.

If you’re interested in these card protectors for your business, please get in touch with us.

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