Keep your VIP area for VIPs only

Everybody wants access to the VIP area at an event or a festival, which means they’ll try various ways to gain entry. Especially if there’s free food and drink up for grabs. Here are a few tips to help keep your VIP areas just for VIPs …

Members only area
Printed plastic cards aid security & ease of entry

Give VIPs their own event pass

Have VIP printed plastic cards ready to give to your favoured guests when they ‘check-in’ to the event, or post them out prior to it. If you have them printed in a different colour to the rest of your event passes, they’ll be easy to spot.

This isn’t foolproof though, especially if they become lost or stolen. And if your event goes on for longer than a day, clever event go-ers may try to replicate them.

Turn your printed plastic cards into photo ID cards for added security

If it’s a really exclusive event, consider giving printed plastic cards that double up as  photo ID cards. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Ask your guests to send a photograph before the event and have the plastic cards printed in advance through a plastic card supplier like The Card Network – cards can be fully personalised and branded

2. Invest in a plastic card printer, so you can take photographs and print the cards out on the day.

There are benefits and cons to both approaches: the first requires you to gather the information well in advance (and you will always have people who don’t meet the deadline), whereas the second could slow down the process of entry. Doing both might be wise if it’s a large event, it means you can badge any guests who didn’t meet the deadline on the day.

Specific lanyards also help

Giving VIPs different coloured lanyards to hold their printed plastic cards/event passes is a simple way to aid identification and is really cost-effective, especially if you have various ‘levels’ of VIPs. ‘VIP’ branded lanyards are also available, but these are easily bought elsewhere, and you won’t know which are genuine or which aren’t.

Customised lanyards

Printing your own lanyards could be the answer. You can customise them to your own colour, message and graphics. These won’t be easily replicated. Combine them with a photo ID card and even the most seasoned blaggers will struggle to gain entry.