Love your promotional cards this Valentine’s

Valentine's day
Spread the love to customers through promotional cards

Love might be in the air, but are your Valentine’s offers front of mind? Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the two days of the year that any restaurant or hotel should be fully booked. But the reality of our current economic climate means it’s no longer a given – establishments are having to go further to attract customers through special Valentine’s offers, promoted in new and different ways.

Build a beautiful relationship with your customers

Advertising your offer on the back of your hotel key cards is a great way to entice guests back – with their other halves – for a Valentine’s stay or meal. Or you could print some promotional cards that are mailed out to your database, and given to diners with their bill or visitors to your spa. Printing bespoke plastic cards is an inexpensive way to impress your audience, especially when you compare the cost to taking out an advert in the local paper or local website. For example, we can print 500 full colour, double sided promotional cards from just £129.

Longer shelf life

A plastic card has a higher perceived value than a paper leaflet, and is much less likely to be thrown away. It isn’t a ‘one hit wonder’ like an advert. Even if it doesn’t get used for Valentine’s Day, the promotional card will sit in your customer’s wallet as a reminder for the next time they’re considering a meal or a night away.

Make them part of an integrated campaign

The best way to achieve success for any promotion is not to rely on one marketing channel. So as well as printing some promotional cards, look at other ways to reach your audience. Send an email out to your database. Get your offers all over your social media. Look for local websites and online directories you can advertise in at low cost. Seek local PR coverage. If you’ve got lots of seats or rooms to fill and time is running out, consider offering a discount on a site like Groupon or Living Social. Spreading the ‘love’ over multiple channels is far more likely to result in a full restaurant or hotel, and a healthy balance sheet.