Loyalty cards – keep customers coming back

Why consider investing in a loyalty card programme? Loyalty cards give your customers more reasons to love you. Which means they’ll visit you more often, and tell their friends.

Loyalty card programme
Reward and incentivise customers with loyalty cards

Implementing a loyalty card programme does require upfront investment, and whilst you might not see that money back in the coffers immediately, it won’t be long until you’ve recouped that investment, and more.

We all know that it’s cheaper to retain customers than try and attract new ones. Providing loyalty cards will increase retention levels as customers feel they are being rewarded for shopping with you. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, just giving good customer service isn’t enough – people want to feel that they are getting a little extra for their custom. By recognising and rewarding your best customers, they’ll feel valued, which means they’ll buy more – and more often.

You’ll need to think about what you want your loyalty cards to offer. Do you want to provide reward points, discounts or other perks? Maybe you want to team up with other suppliers to be able to offer affiliate deals, for which you can agree a share of the deal. Think about whether you want your customers to simply spend more (increase the size of their regular order for example), or come back to you more often.

As well as providing your customers with loyalty cards, consider loyalty key tags too. People love them: they can easily affix them to their key ring, which means they never forget their loyalty card and are a constant reminder of your business.

We provide 250 double sided, full colour key tags measuring 54mm x 29mm from £96.38. All our prices include design and artwork.

We can also provide systems to set up and run your loyalty cards scheme. Please call us for more details.