New membership cards, new look?

The new sporting season isn’t far away, have you organised your new membership cards?

Summer has finally made an appearance, but before we know it we’ll be into the new football, rugby and hockey seasons. Which means it’s time to get your 2013/14 membership cards ordered.

Rather than just ordering a re-print of last year’s design, have you thought about refreshing the look of your club cards?

Many clubs default to their previous design because they either:

a)      don’t have anyone in-house with design skills and the right software package, or

b)      think it will be too expensive to ask someone else to do it.

Free design and artwork

All of our membership cards prices include design and artwork as standard. We don’t add a premium on to our costs for this service. We see it as providing added value, because we want you to be really happy with your membership cards, and for your members to be proud of having them in their wallets.

After 20 years in the card industry, we have an eye for what works well on a plastic card, so why not let us create your design for you?

Changing colours and updating graphics can make a big difference

Creating a fresh, more modern design says that you are a progressive club – one that people want to be associated with. You also want your members to feel that they are getting value for their membership fee, and a smart, branded card puts out the right message.

If you’ve been using the same design for a number of years and simply changing the details, it’s probably time for a change.

Simply send us your logo, colours and any other requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Search our range of membership cards.