New year, new membership cards?

Still giving your members a piece of paper or a cardboard card when it’s time to renew their membership? Make this the year you provide them with high quality plastic membership cards – it’ll make them value their membership more and be a great advertisement in their wallets. You can even add features like barcodes or magnetic stripe to track their purchases and offer discounts for loyalty.

Why upgrade to plastic cards? 

Plastic membership card
Plastic club cards inspire loyalty and customer spending

The average consumer in the UK carries around five membership cards in their wallets – more than debit or credit cards. They act as a reminder every time they open their purses, and are on display for everyone to see. Having a plastic club card makes people feel they are part of an inclusive club, and the more prestigious the card, the more valued they feel.

Plastic club cards also allow you to see what your members are spending their money on and how often they are visiting you, so you can target marketing activity to suit. If it’s a gym membership for example, you can send incentives to members who haven’t visited for a while, or send out relevant offers. You can also use your membership cards like loyalty cards if you incorporate more technical features, and provide discounts for multiple purchases.

On a practical level, plastic cards also help to prevent fraudulent use – they can’t be replicated as easily as paper cards can, and have a far greater shelf life. A tatty paper ticket isn’t exactly the image most professional organisations want to portray.

Time for a design overhaul?

Everyone likes receiving something new. So if you’ve been using the same design for the last few years for your membership cards, why not spruce them up and give people something new to comment on? Design and artwork are included in our quoted prices. 250 full colour, double sided and numbered membership cards start from just £121.13.