NHS to adopt photo ID cards? Who else can benefit?

If proposed reform plans from the Government come to fruition, you will soon have to present photo ID cards when seeking medical treatment, to prove that you are entitled to receive services from the NHS. This move is regarded in the main as a measure to stop so called ‘health tourism’; where non-nationals come to the UK in search of free healthcare.

Patients would need to present a special photo ID card to prove their eligibility, though emergency and antenatal care would not be subject to the same checks.

Photo ID cards are becoming much more prevalent now – they’re being used by companies, government bodies, events organisers and even sports clubs.

Could photo ID cards benefit your business? 

Photo ID card
Small business can benefit from ID cards for little expense

Photo ID cards bring a host of benefits. They can play a significant factor in ensuring the security of your building and the protection of your employees. They also bring a sense of community to your workforce, a benefit that can’t be underestimated. They’re also invaluable for events, when it’s important that only the right people are given entry, for example to a VIP area or to a conference where sensitive information is being released.

Small companies can benefit too and without big expense

Small organisations are often put off from the idea of creating photo ID cards because they fear the cost and can’t find a supplier that caters for the small numbers they need. We recognise this, which is why The Card Network provides ID cards in packs as small as 10. Most importantly, particularly to help smaller businesses, we offer a ‘card bank’ facility with all our photo ID cards. So even if you just need four cards, we’ll ‘bank’ the other six from the pack for when you need them. If a new member of staff joins, or you need to use them for another event, just send us the details and we’ll print your photo ID cards. There’s no charge for this service except for the postage to send the new cards to you.

So even if you need just a handful of photo ID cards we’ve got an economical solution. Particularly as our cards also come with card holders and clips. A pack of 10 photo ID cards and accessories starts from just £93.09.