No entry – sorry, your face doesn’t fit

If you read in the news about someone not being allowed entry to a club because they were wearing trainers or the ‘wrong type of jeans’, you wouldn’t be surprised.

But to be denied entry because your face isn’t right? Surely not.

Well actually, yes.

3D facial recognition technology for an exclusive membership club

3D facial recognition reader
“You may enter, 007”

MorphoTrak, an established provider of biometric readers for access control, has just introduced its 3D facial recognition technology to The Marque, an exclusive membership club in Houston, Texas.

The technology means that you won’t be allowed in unless your face fits – quite literally. A quick glance at the reader and members are instantly recognised, and the access control door unlocks to allow entry.

The Morpho 3D Face Reader™ is described as being ‘lightning-speed’, highly secure and convenient. The General Manager of The Marque comments that it’s “all very James Bond – which is why we love it.”

We can definitely see one advantage to this latest trend in access control: you won’t have to put your glass of champagne down to open the door.