No Player photo ID card? No play

Cricket ball
Player photo ID cards are being increasingly used for matches and tournaments

Has your sports league adopted player photo ID cards?

More and more sports clubs are adopting a photo ID card policy, where players have to prove their identity before they can play in a match or game. Cricket leagues and tennis leagues are seeing the benefits, but the scheme is proving to be particularly popular in youth football and rugby leagues, as a means of quickly proving age and eligibility.

Players have to fill out a registration form with their own club before the season starts, then the club prints the photo ID cards that must be produced for inspection if asked. In most cases it’s the Referees or Captains from opposing teams who check names and photos before matches. Many leagues adopt a ‘no player ID card, no play’ policy.

Would it work for your club or league?

Photo ID cards make it difficult for people to fake their identity, or for teams to suddenly substitute a star player at the last minute. For youth teams, they’re also great for security, and provide peace of mind to parents and organisers. They really come into their own during cup tournaments and regional competitions.

Printing cards costs less than you think

Printing photo ID cards is less expensive than you might think. There are two ways of doing this: 1. Invest in your own card printer to run out photo ID cards whenever you need to, or 2. Send all the details to a plastic card company and have them print them for you.

There are advantages to both routes. Although a plastic card printer is a significant cost up-front (our printer packages start from £637.00 for the budget user), you can run cards out whenever you need to. You can also double up its use to print membership or club cards, or even discount cards if you have an on-site shop or leisure facilities.

If you do choose to have them printed by a plastic card printer, make sure you choose one where you can ‘bank’ any unused cards for later use. With our card bank facility, you can ‘draw down’ on the balance whenever you need new cards printed, for no extra cost other than the postage. This way, you won’t incur a new cost every time a new member joins the squad. 100 cards with our card bank option start from £222.81.

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