One small change could make a big impact on your property management budget

If you’re a large organisation with multiple sites, or a property management firm responsible for multi-tenanted buildings, you’ll probably spend a considerable amount of your buildings budget on access control products and services.

It’s not just the access control systems themselves that are expensive – and costs vary hugely depending on the sophistication of the technology – the accompanying access control cards and tokens quickly mount up when large numbers of staff are involved. Double that card up as a Photo ID card and have different security features for different staff, and the costs start to creep up.

Changing one thing could really reduce costs in this area 

Low cost compatible proximity key fob
Swapping to a low cost compatible could deliver significant cost savings

Swapping your access control cards and tokens from the branded manufacturer to a low-cost compatible could deliver a visible difference to your budget. The GenTech range of multi platform access control cards work across many access control systems, and are cheaper than their branded equivalents.

The range includes a 125Khz ISO Proximity card (£119 for 100 dye sublimation printable cards), a 125Khz Clamshell Proximity card (£70 for a pack of 100) and a 125Khz Keyfob (£119 for 100).

They are compatible with BPT, CDVI, Daitem, Farfisa, Fermax, Logisty, Raytel & Videx door entry systems; Galaxy, Scantronic, Menvier & Gardtech alarm systems; plus Aptiq, Axxess Id, CDVI, Controlsoft, Deedlock, Dortag, EasiProx, Entrylux, Ics, Impro, Mtecc, Nortech & PAC (OneProx) access control systems. They also work with Paxton (OEM Readers).

Of course it’s not just the large organisations that will benefit, smaller businesses can also reduce costs by choosing this ‘white label’ solution.

Try before you buy

The area of access control security is not one to be taken lightly, so we encourage you to try the GenTech products before you order. Please contact us for a free sample to test on your system by emailing or calling us on 0844 257 8857