Our New Year’s resolutions

New Year's resolution
Must visit client’s establishment more often

Get fit, drink less, eat healthier, etc. etc. All that goes without saying.

(So far we’re doing well at number two on that list. Not so brilliant at the others, but we’re working on it.)

Anyway, here are the New Year’s resolutions on our whiteboard for 2014:

 1. Launch some new products.

We plan to introduce a number of new products this year. We got our new membership/loyalty cards with snap-off key tags out there in December. Look out for custom printed Desfire cards, hardware offers and more in the next few months.

2. Give our clients more flexibility.

More and more of our clients want us to handle mailing and fulfilment and customise delivery (letters, leaflets etc.). We’re also working on giving more flexibility with regards to top-ups and part orders, to make it easier and cheaper for you to make small runs when the large order is completed.

3. Visit more of our client’s establishments.

Good one this, because our client list includes some rather lovely restaurants, bars and venues. Top of the list for a bite to eat would have to be The Grand Café Villandry or The Cumberland in London or Tiger Lily in Edinburgh. Of course it’ll blow the ‘eat healthier’ resolution, but we don’t expect that to survive past February anyway.

After lunch, we might engage in a spot of culture with a visit to The British Library (checking our coats in again) and then head over for The View from The Shard. Then down to Goodwood for a spot of racing.

We can more than happily fill up the year this way.

4. Be in touch a bit more.

Let’s not just swap Christmas cards.

That doesn’t mean we’ll bombard you with emails. Far from it. But we do want to let you know what we’re up to from time-to-time, and make you aware of new products. It’s a two-way street: we also want to know what we can do to make your life easier.

5. Start making art from our card over-runs.

Suggestions so far include jewellery, mobiles and abstract sculpture type stuff. We don’t expect to be winning any art awards any time soon, but it’ll brighten up the office.

So those are our New Year’s resolutions. What about yours?