Paxton Net2 new v5 software: perfect for one-off events

At The Card Network, we sell more Paxton Net2 Keyfobs, cards and readers than any other manufacturer – by quite a margin. The Paxton Net2 access control system continues to be one of the most popular in the country, especially amongst schools.

Paxton Net2 cards
Paxton Net2 access control is more flexible than before

And with the launch of their new v5 software, the Paxton Net2 just got smarter and more flexible.

So what’s new?

–   Grant temporary access to workers

This will be good news for users who have shift workers or contractors that need access to the building for specific periods of time.

–   One-off time period feature for special events

Set temporary access permissions to a specific door, for as long (or as short) as you need to. This ‘custom days’ feature also makes it easy to modify access for special events or one-off occasions, such as a parents evening at school or a client entertainment / presentation after work. When the time allocated elapses, the system reverts back to its original privileges set-up. NB: this is only available on the Pro version of the software.

–    New Landlord Tenant feature

This new feature ensures that certain users only have access to relevant areas of the Net2 system, and only control the access levels pertinent to them. For example, department heads will only be able to view the information of their own staff, rather than those in other departments. (Again, this is only available on the Pro version).

Other features of the new Paxton Net2 software include:

–          Triggering actions such as turning on a light when a door is opened

–          Customising how long a door remains open for – catering to the needs of disabled users for example, or for delivery people who need extra time

–          The use of the ‘double tap trigger’ – present a token twice in quick succession to trigger an action

–          The ability to automatically reset the fire alarm.

As you’d expect from Paxton, the software is intuitive: easy to use and get around. Paxton reckons you can confidently have it up and running in two hours.

There is free Paxton Net2 Training available – see here for more information.

Watch the Paxton cartoon on YouTube for a fast & easy to absorb picture on the features.