Plastic cloakroom tags: spruce up for Xmas

Are you still using tatty raffle tickets for your cloakroom tags? If so, maybe it’s time to spruce up your appearance by replacing them with some highly cost-effective plastic cloakroom tags.

Old fashioned raffle ticket
Upgrade from old fashioned, tatty raffle tickets

If you’re in the restaurant, bar or entertainment sector, handing out plastic cloakroom tags is always going to look more impressive than a paper ticket. It’s also far less likely to get lost, so you won’t have the problem of having to match up people and coats at the end of the night.

If you’ve got lots of Christmas parties or people coming in for a Christmas drink, you’ll look much more professional handing out plastic cloakroom tags. We provide full colour and matched number pairs at a very low price: 200 for £42.00. You can choose from various print colours. The 8mm hole allows tags to fit over coat hanger hooks for ease of use.

We can also custom print the tags to your own requirements. So why not include a promotional message about your Christmas deals this year? Or use it to raise awareness of your January offer?  You can have them working harder for you and raising awareness of your retail offers for just an extra £32.50.