Plastic scratch cards: reveal more about yourself

We’re getting more enquiries in from companies who are interested in having a scratch panel on their plastic cards. It’s not just promotional plastic scratch cards we’re asked about: we’re increasingly including a scratch panel on business cards, discount cards and gift cards too.

Why use plastic scratch cards? 

Scratch panels work for different organisations in different ways: you can use them at point of purchase for instant win promotions, for fund raising, as an incentive for customers to visit your website and even as parking permits.

Use them as part of your promotion toolkit

We’re often asked to print promotional cards for retailers who are running a big promotion. Scratching off the panel reveals a special PIN or code that is then entered onto the retailer’s website to win prizes. Ask participants to enter their details and you’ve also turned it into an effective means of data capture.

Others use it as a means of ‘instant win’ at point of sale – which allows the reward or prize to be redeemed immediately in store.

Include a discount message your plastic scratch cards or promotional message and you’ll ensure that the card is then kept in your customers’ wallets after the panel has been scratched off.

Make it work for your event

If you’re planning a large party or event, a plastic card party invite is always going to stand out. Turn them into plastic scratch cards and the party goer can reveal their own ‘freebie’ to cash in at the event – a drink at the bar, food, a token for the casino, etc.

Plastic scratch cards are also used by charities for fundraising, and for organisations that need to have a temporary security feature, for example on a gift card or for pre-pay services. 

Make customers engage with your brand

No matter what you use it for, including a scratch panel means that your customers actively interact with your brand. Rather than passively slipping a card into their wallet, they have to make a small effort and actually engage – which makes the reward all the more rewarding.

We can include a scratch panel on most of our plastic cards for a small extra cost. So whether you want your customers to be scratching away at your discount cards, promotional cards or plastic business cards – get in touch.