Printed Paxton Net2 Cards Now Available

printed membership cards

If you use a Paxton Net2 Door Entry system, and regularly buy the blank Net2 Proximity cards, have you thought about going branded?

If you don’t want to invest in a plastic card printer to be able to personalise your access cards yourself, we can print them for you.

100 full colour (both sides) Paxton Net2 Proximity cards start from just £366 for 100

We’ll brand them front and back to your requirements. They make ideal membership cards or access cards for shared office spaces or co-working offices, or temporary visitor badges.

They can be personalised with unique membership numbers or names for an extra cost and you could choose to include a signature strip. Just get in touch for a custom quote.

Why go branded?

Branded cards say a lot more about your company than blank cards ever could. If you’re a club or shared office space it’s all about impression – a quality branded card says that you value their membership – and their membership fee. You’ll want those members to feel proud using their card, and to feel like they’re part of an inclusive club.

They also act as a good promotion for you.

Net2 card printing – include multiple designs

You can print more than one design in the print run for an extra £25 per extra design. So if you have different membership categories, you could have a bespoke design for each.

The cards used are Paxton 692-500 Net2 Proximity cards, the same as the blanks you would buy for your system. The higher the quantity, the less the per card cost.

So the next time you’re stocking up on Net2 cards, think about what custom printed Paxton net2 cards would say about your company.

Call us on 01244 526009 to talk through your requirements or for a custom quote, or email