Redefining the concept of ‘clean’

Customers, staff & visitors all have far higher expectations when it comes to hygiene than pre-2020

We have very different attitudes towards cleaning and cleanliness than we did before the pandemic.

Behaviours have changed. We are now far more hygiene conscious and hyper aware of the multiple touchpoints we come into contact with every day.

How many people have touched that door handle before you?

Door handle on office door

It’s not a question many of us used to ask ourselves before March 2020.

Now, we’ve developed rather creative ways of opening the door in a shared or public building – with our elbows, copper hooks, sleeves – anything to avoid a frequently touched surface that poses added risks.

Employers are re-opening workplaces with added measures in place to help staff feel safer

Consumers, staff and visitors alike all now have higher expectations of what a clean and safe environment looks like, and organisations are having to adapt to meet them.

Antimicrobial products are becoming standard weapons in an organisation’s cleaning arsenal

Even the most regular of cleaning schedules leaves a gap in between for germs to multiply. All it takes is for one person with bacteria on their hands to open the door after it’s been cleaned, then it’s passed onto the next people entering the room before it’s cleaned again.

And it you think about screens which rely on touch, it’s simply infeasible to clean the screen after every use, not to mention risky in terms of the cleaning product damaging the machine.

So many organisations are turning to antimicrobial office products to provide around the clock self-cleaning.

Just what are antimicrobial products?

Antimicrobial wasn’t a term that many of us were familiar before the pandemic.

Although antimicrobial products were in use pre-COVID, these were mainly used in healthcare or surgical settings, where the properties of ‘self-cleaning’ products were well known.

Antimicrobial products are continuously working. They use Silver Ion technology to prevent bacteria, germs and viruses from growing. They work by attacking and disrupting the make-up of the bacteria so that it stops producing energy and multiplying.

Last year has seen a massive increase in antimicrobial products entering the market, from antimicrobial paper and card, to lanyards, shopping bags, door handle wraps and much more.

Google searches for ‘antimicrobial wipes’ increased by 650% in the year from February 2020 alone.

One germ can multiply into 8 million in just one day

One germ can multiply into 8 million in just one day

It’s a scary stat, but true. If left unchecked, bacteria will multiply very quickly and mature into what is called a BioFilm.

The silver ions in antimicrobial products prevent biofilm formation by punching holes in their bacterial membranes. So you could say they’re like silver boxing gloves of protection.

The Veraco Safe Range was developed for offices and organisations with high traffic areas

The Veraco Safe Range includes antimicrobial door push pads, door handle wraps, exit buttons, push plates, access door stickers, lift buttons and switch covers.

Many offices are installing their products to give staff greater reassurance when moving around the building, but we’re also finding many restaurants, hotels and care homes are bringing them into their overall cleaning strategy. 

They are ISO Certified and are proven to:

  • Reduce the viral load of HCoV-229E by up to 99.87% & SARS-CoV-2 by up to 97.49%
  • Reduce microbial growth of harmful bacteria groups and common bacteria by up to 99.99%
  • Kill germs – Reduces microbial growth of harmful bacteria groups and common bacteria by up to 99.99%
Antibacterial door handle wrap

They are easy to install and remove and last for up to 1 year.

As we know, there is no one answer to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, rather a set of practices and procedures that minimise risk.

Which door would you prefer to open – one that’s being protected by an antimicrobial door handle wrap or one without?

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