Safeguard your school with school visitor passes

It’s the new school term, have you got everything you need for the year ahead? The start of September often has schools and colleges looking at security on their premises with fresh eyes, which includes looking at school visitor passes.

If you’re an educational establishment, having adequate security measures in place to safeguard pupils and staff is paramount. Are you meeting your health & safety responsibilities and fulfilling your duty of care by having an up-to-date signing in system for visitors, parents and contractors?


School visitor passes
Keep track of all visitors to your premises

School visitor passes and signing-in systems are a quick and easy way of identifying visitors and recording their details – and are very inexpensive. You can buy off-the-shelf packages (often known as passes ‘in system’) which include 200 pre-numbered passes, writing board, wallet tower, pen set and visitor wallets and clips from £64.40.

The visitor passes system records the names and details of all visitors to your school or college and provides a paper pass or badge for them to wear whilst on the premises. The details form a timed and dated fire register, ensuring you meet your health & safety regulations and fulfil your duty of care. A discrete sheet keeps each visitor’s details confidential.

Customise passes to your own requirements

As well as standard visitor and contractor ‘in system’ passes, you can also design school visitor passes to include your school’s colours and logo, or incorporate specific health and safety regulations or safety and fire evacuation details. You might want to list prohibited items for example, or use different colours to highlight different access rights – useful for when contractors are on-site, and you only want them to access specific areas.

Car park pass for schools
Eliminate parking problems with car park permits

Invest in car park passes to ease parking issues

Parking is often a hot topic of debate in schools. Ensure that staff and visitors park where they should by providing car park passes. The Card Network provides custom printed car park passes (so you can incorporate your own branding) from £64.50 for 100. These are lightweight polyester cards that are designed to withstand UV and low & high temperatures.

The Card Network can customise passes to any requirement. Please contact us for a quote.