School ID cards that pay for your lunch

With half-term over and the evenings drawing in, many schools and colleges are reviewing their security systems and procedures. This often leads to the consideration of school ID cards, as more educational establishments see the benefits of safeguarding staff and pupils.

But did you know that an identity card can be much more than just photographic ID?

Introduce cashless payment – no need to carry snack money around

Paying for lunch
Have students swipe for their lunch instead

Turning your school ID cards into cashless payment cards could make problems with forgotten or stolen lunch money a thing of the past. Our school ID cards can incorporate smart card technology that allows for cashless vending, so pupils don’t need to carry cash around. Parents manage the cashless account online and can top-up whenever required. This means they can also monitor what their children are eating during the day, particularly helpful for those with food allergies. It also gives parents peace of mind that their money is being spent on school meals rather than anything else.

The benefits

As well as being more convenient for everyone, this has a number of benefits above and beyond enabling faster service at tills. Most notably they can help to reduce bullying. Free meals pupils are also given exactly the same card as everyone else, which prevents differentiation.

It’s easy to print these cards in-house yourself by investing in a plastic card printer. Then all you’ll need is a stock of the right cards. We stock some of the best performing and value for money plastic card printers on the market. We also have a large selection of blank smart cards from all manufacturers, equipped with the necessary technology.

So if you’re thinking about school ID cards, think about turning them into a smart card.

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