Schools – some ideas to get the most out of your ID Card Printer

From colour coded ID cards for each ‘bubble’ to Staff Cards outlining COVID-19 guidelines, we look at a few ways you can put your plastic card printer to good use

Id Card Printer range

If you already print ID cards for Staff and Students using your own ID card printer, you may be looking at a new approach for this academic year.

Schools are having to rethink almost every aspect of the way they operate in the light of COVID-19 and that includes access, identity and security.

Here are a few ideas on how you can get more value from your plastic card printer.

1. Print colour coded ID cards for each ‘bubble’

One way of ensuring groups or bubbles stay together, and are easily spotted when they’re not, is to make sure they’re clearly identified in their particular colour.

You can do this by using colour plastic cards or printing different colours on each card using your YMCKO ribbon. If you’re printing large quantities, it’s cheaper to do this through a single colour printer ribbon.

Colour plastic cards are available in every colour of the rainbow

As well as your standard blank white plastic cards, you can buy plastic cards in most colours imaginable. Except maybe brown. No one wants brown.

You can even buy fluorescent plastic cards if you really want groups to stand out.

If you print on these using a black ribbon, this equates to a very low cost per card run rate. Colour Plastic Cards cost around £11 for a pack of 100, and a black ribbon is around the same price for 1,000 prints – which works out at around 12p per card.

Or of course you could just choose different colours of Lanyards to clearly identify each group.

2. Print additional information on the reverse of Student ID cards

If you have a double-sided plastic card printer, you can print cheaply on the reverse of the card when it’s being printed.

If you’re having staggered start and finish times for certain groups, you can print these on the reverse of their ID cards or example.

Or you could print reminders of COVID-19 guidelines and what to do if they start showing symptoms.

3. Visitor badges with reminders

Whereas visitor badges may not have been something you had considered necessary in the past – probably a visitor lanyard would do – many schools are now adopting a more formal visitors policy, with photo ID.

Printing a reminder of COVID-19 visitor guidelines on your Visitor badges is a sensible addition to your health and safety procedures.

4. Use Plastic Cards as place holders or table signs

You can use your ID card printer to quickly and cheaply print cards to help with lunch organisation, to remind groups when their allocated time is to be in the lunch hall for example. Or to print reminders about limiting contact on.

These can be wiped down at the end of the day and reused.

5. Create Staff Info Cards covering new guidelines

More organisations are printing information cards for staff to wear on the reverse side of their ID card as a constant reminder of COVID-19 guidelines and procedures to follow.

Antimicrobial Lanyards and Antimicrobial Card Holders add extra protection

Antimicrobial Lanyards offer extra protection against germs and viruses

One other sensible addition to your ID cards is to move to Antimicrobial lanyards and Antimicrobial Card holders.

Antimicrobial material reduces cross contamination and kills harmful bacteria, which is why they’re regularly used in medical and healthcare settings.

Read more about what Antimicrobial actually means

A pack of 100 Antimicrobial ID Card holders is £11, just £2 more than regular card holders.

Antimicrobial Lanyards are available in plain colours, as pre-printed Staff Antimicrobial Lanyards or as custom printed Antimicrobial lanyards, with your school’s own branding.