Some of our favourite Cloakroom Tags so far this year

We look at some of the Cloakroom Tags that made us smile, or that we just think are rather lovely

We print hundreds of orders of plastic Cloakroom Tags every year, and we can’t help having our favourites.

Some stand out for their brilliant simplicity, others for being fun and colourful.

Here are some of the ones that caught our eye.

The favourite of Stew in Production and Nikki in Sales: The Swan, Southwold

Why? Because it’s bold, bright and simple. And because it stands out on the hanger with its funky design.

Plus it’s a Cloakroom Tag with a swan carrying a briefcase on it. Genius.

The choice of James in Sales: Arros QD

We’re all fans of this one really because it’s so different to what we normally do.

James picked it because it’s a good example of a complicated design working really well in a small space (these are mini Cloakies, half the size of a regular credit card).

They also look great next to their matching Membership Cards.

Thank you Arros QD – we salute you.

Mike’s favourite in Sales: Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay

Plastic Cloakroom Tag Lucky Cat

Apparently, this is Mike’s favourite because it reminds him one of his favourite bits of telly of the year, when Gordon Ramsay was on a nudist beach with Fred Sirieix and Gino D’Acampo on ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip series.

It’s a tenuous link, but we’ll go with it. We just like its simplicity and think it’s a really effective piece of branding.

Suzi’s favourite in Marketing – the Firmdale Hotel Group

The Charlotte Street Hotel, the Haymarket Hotel, the Soho Hotel and more – all iconic, design-led hotels with a distinct look.

We’ve printed individual Cloakroom Tags for all the hotels and we just love the style of them. They really stand out, and they’re consistent across the brand.

Some of the others that made the short list

Dinings SW3

Uses both English and Japanese on the front of the Cloakroom Tag for authenticity.

Wright Brothers

Actually we’ve always loved this one. Really simple, really effective. Nice oysters too.

London Marriot Hotel, County Hall

Simple, modern design that works brilliantly on a matt background. The colour combination is unusual too. These just look great.

And finally, one of our own 🙂

We’ve just added some new ‘off-the-shelf’ packs of Cloakroom Tags into our range, and not wishing to blow our own trumpets of course, we rather like this Umbrella one.

It’s realistic, living in Britain 🙂

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