Spent ££££s on your restaurant branding?

Don’t blow it the moment a customer takes off their coat

Paper Cloakroom Tickets on a roll

In the hospitality industry, the battle for footfall is no longer just about producing great food, especially in an area where there’s lots of competition.

In this day and age where restaurants live and die by Instagram ‘likes’ and TripAdvisor reviews, creating the right customer experience is everything.

It’s why so many restaurants invest considerable sums in creating the right brand experience – from the font on the menu to the bespoke cocktail list and the exotic plants that greet you as you walk in.

Yet often all that hard work on branding is blown through the simple act of taking off your coat.

As a customer, your expectations are set way before you walk through the door. You’re looking forward to the experience promised by the brand – by everything you’ve seen, heard and read.

It’s not the best start to the experience if you’re handed a tatty raffle ticket in exchange for your designer coat.

And it’s far from ideal if you have to drape your belongings on the back of your chair (especially if it’s a long coat).

Make sure you extend your customer welcome – and farewell – to the Cloakroom

Sky Garden Restaurant coat tag

Even if you don’t have an official cloakroom and just take customers’ coats into a cluttered cupboard out of sight, it’s the impression that matters.

Handing over a laminated paper tag or raffle ticket does nothing to instil confidence that their belongings are being looked after properly. Giving nothing at all is arguably worse – what’s the odds they’ll get the right laptop bag back at the end of the evening?

Even if you have areas marked out for specific tables all it takes is for a member of staff to put something in the wrong place during a busy service.

Custom Printed Cloakroom Tags are one of your first brand touchpoints

Oxo Tower Cloakroom tags

Beautifully printed Cloakroom Tags are always going to create a better first impression than a bit of paper. They’re the first chapter in your brand story. And from a purely practical point of view, they’re durable, reusable and your customers are far less likely to lose them than a paper ticket.

Plastic Cloakroom Tag packs with standard disclaimer

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to custom printed Cloakroom Tags, there are plenty of generic ‘off-the-shelf’ packs of plastic tags available.

So the next time a customer hands you their coat, think about what your Cloakroom says about you.