Spruce up your cloakroom for Christmas

Your Christmas specials are in place and the Christmas decorations are up; you’re all ready for the Christmas rush. But is your cloakroom ready to welcome the extra visitors?

Don’t leave yourself open to negative reviews online this festive season  

Printed plastic cloakroom tags
Ditch the tatty raffle tickets for branded cloakroom tags

When it comes to customer online reviews, you’d be surprised how many people reference a negative cloakroom experience. Lost or mislaid coats or luggage is never the kind of review you want to read about – even less so in the season of goodwill.

If you think it’s time for a Christmas make over, the good news is there’s an extremely affordable solution in the form of plastic cloakroom tags.

Low-cost, off-the-shelf or branded plastic cloakroom tags?

Handing your customers a tatty raffle ticket in exchange for their most prized possessions is arguable worse than giving them nothing at all.  Especially when you can get your hands on 200 low-cost numbered plastic cloakroom tags for just £42.00.

These credit card sized plastic cloakroom tags come in sets of identical numbered pairs: give one to the customer, the other slips over the coat hanger, or is attached to a shopping bag using a luggage strap.

Do so, and straight away the customer is more confident about handing over their Designer winter coat.

Don’t miss a branding opportunity

Print your own logo or brand message onto the plastic cloakroom tags for a more professional image. Doing so shows that you care about your customers’ belongings: that you’ve invested in keeping them safe. The tag is also an advertising opportunity: many people keep their tag beside them at the restaurant table for example, so advertise a long-term promotion or a sister organisation.

The cards are made from durable PVC, so can be reused over and over again.

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