Redefining the concept of ‘clean’

Customers, staff & visitors all have far higher expectations when it comes to hygiene than pre-2020 We have very different attitudes towards cleaning and cleanliness than we did before the pandemic. Behaviours have changed. We are now far more hygiene conscious and hyper aware of the multiple touchpoints we come into contact with every day. … Continue reading Redefining the concept of ‘clean’

What does Antimicrobial actually mean?

And can it help protect your workforce against COVID-19? Antimicrobial workplace products like antimicrobial card holders, antimicrobial lanyards, antimicrobial paper and even antimicrobial uniforms didn’t enter the marketplace as a result of COVID-19. Many products have been around for years and are particularly employed in the health industries. However in the current pandemic, they’ve had … Continue reading What does Antimicrobial actually mean?