The benefits of access control cards over keys

Keys and locks provide limited security

Are you and your employees still using keys in your business premises? If so, how confident are you that your assets are being protected effectively, 24 hours a day? Introducing an electronic access control system and supplying your staff with access control cards will increase security in your building and protect your employees and your property.

Are your premises open to unwanted guests?

The old-fashioned ‘lock and key’ presents a number of problems, for instance when a key becomes lost or stolen. Could it have been copied? You then have to deal with the inconvenience and expense of re-issuing keys and changing the locks.

Then there’s the issue of access during the day. Where a key is concerned, once a door is unlocked it tends to stay unlocked: presenting an open door to any guest that comes to visit, whether wanted or unwanted.

Secure your building, assets and protect staff

Investing in an electronic access control system is the most effective way to protect your assets and your staff. It will enable you to control who has access to your building through controlled locks, making it difficult for the opportunist to gain entry. All doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed, making it impossible for anyone without a valid access control card, key fob or token (depending on the system) to enter.

You can even give individual staff different access rights. For example you may want to restrict certain employees from accessing a particular part of the building, or from entering the building at all at certain times of the day or night.

An access control system also ensures you never have to change a lock again. Any access control cards or tokens that are lost or stolen are easily removed from the system, rendering them useless.

What type of system do you need?

There are a number of access control card systems out there. Those that ask for a simple PIN entry offer a lower level of protection. Others that use some kind of access control card or token offer a greater level of security and can be tailored to specific needs. Industry-leading manufacturers include Paxton, HID, Bewator, TDSi, PAC, Cotag, Kantech and many others. Prices vary, but what’s most important is that the system fits your requirements and is easy to use and administer.

In terms of the access control cards themselves, there are swipe cards, key fobs, tokens, transmitters, wrist tags, keyring tags … the list goes on. Some systems also incorporate time and attendance. In general the cards are attached to a device that makes it easy for the user to present the card to an access control reader, such as a retractable badge reel or lanyard.

For more information on the types of systems available, see our blog ‘what access control card system is right for me?’