The benefits of custom printed visitor passes

How do you currently manage visitors in your organisation or school? If you’re in the majority, you’ll probably use a paper visitor pass system, where visitors sign-in to a visitor book and are given a visitor badge to wear around their person. This makes them easy to identify, and also ensures you are meeting your health and safety obligations.

Custom printed visitor passes can improve security further

Custom printed visitor passes make it harder for a third-party to ‘blend-in’.

Standard visitor pass systems are readily available, and are used by many organisations and establishments. Which means a third-party can easily get their hands on a standard ‘visitors’ badge, and also a standard ‘visitors’ lanyard. But they can’t so easily access a branded version.

Branding your visitor passes makes it far more difficult for a third-party to replicate them, and therefore makes it more difficult for them to gain entry.

Portray a professional image

Having custom printed visitor passes also presents a more professional image to visitors. A ‘branded welcome’ is always going to impress visitors more – whether you’re a company or a school that has parents or school officials visiting.

Personalise your passes further

As well as branding your custom printed visitor passes with your logo or corporate information, you can also include other relevant information. For example, you could include health and safety regulations specific to that location, or fire evacuation details. You might want to list items that are prohibited onsite for contractors, or highlight different access rights.

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