The benefits of QR Codes on printed plastic cards

QR codes have been around for a while, but have you thought of using them on your printed plastic cards?

QR codes are a simple way for customers or clients to easily access your website, specific landing page or social media platform, in one scan. As smartphones continue to dominate the mobile market, QR codes are now accessible by the majority, rather than the minority.

Get your business cards working harder for you

QR code plastic business cards
QR codes encourage interaction

Including a QR code helps your business card to stand out in a sea of others – it gives it a point of difference. And it has a lot of benefits. When scanned, the code could:

–          Load your contact details (via a Vcard) into the recipient’s phone

–          Take the user directly to your profile page on your company website or LinkedIn profile

–          Direct them to your company’s social media platform

–          Or take them to a specific landing page on your site – e.g. the individual service you are promoting (particularly useful in large organisations offering multiple products).

Engage with delegates at conferences or Expos

QR codes are a great way to engage with delegates at conferences and visitors at Expos.

For the organisers of events, using QR codes on your printed plastic cards, such as your event passes or ID badges has a number of benefits.

You could promote your schedule of events: scanning the code could download details of the day’s/week’s schedule into the smartphone for example, or a map of exhibitors.

Or if you’re an Exhibitor, you could hand out cards that invite people to ‘scan me to save details of our workshop to your phone’, which would then save the date, time and location into their calendar.

Give someone a reason to scan it

Including an incentive significantly increases the interaction with QR codes. At an exhibition for example, printed plastic cards could invite people to ‘scan me for special food and drink offers’, or ‘scan me to enter a competition’.

For more information about including QR codes on your printed plastic cards, please contact one of our team.