The future of school ID cards?

A new integrated smart ID card solution has been developed by Multicard in Australia specifically for the education market.

Rather than allowing schools, colleges and other Education providers to just verify the identity of a student as most school ID cards do, it also tracks and reports attendance; acts as a library card; takes payment as a cashless vending card; controls access to school/campus services and even validates students’ exam papers.

The card uses contactless smart card technologies, making it easy for pupils and students to use, and for administrators to connect with their existing databases and produce new IDs.

Can we expect this to roll out across our schools and Universities?

School ID card
Turn your school ID card into a smartcard

You might be thinking Big Brother, especially in terms of being able to track a student’s whereabouts, but do the pros outweigh the cons?

Multicard clearly thinks so. They gathered the views of several Universities during development, to understand what they want from the system. They are encouraging institutions to upgrade from their regular school ID cards to this more personalised, powerful solution that enhances security and could make falsified exam papers a thing of the past.

The solution can be located anywhere on school or college premises through a mobile application, which means an ID check can be set up outside an exam room or lecture theatre for example.

Would it benefit your school?

We’re interested to know if you think this solution would benefit your school or college. Do you have school ID cards at the moment? Do you see the need? Is verifying the identity of students at exam time a key attraction?

If you’re interested in creating school ID cards which can also act as an access control card or cashless vending card, please give us a call.

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