The new Magicard 300 ID Card printer is here, but how does it compare to the Enduro?

Magicard has just launched the Magicard 300 into its range of
plastic card printers and positioned it as a direct replacement for the best-selling and much loved Enduro.

So what makes it better than the Enduro and why should you buy it?

The Magicard 300 is faster, more efficient, more secure and a bit easier on the eye (if you like rounded corners)

Think of the Magicard 300 as an improved, refined version of the Enduro. It’s basically Magicard bringing the Enduro up-to-date and more relevant in a GDPR and security-conscious world.

So what’s better?


The Magicard 300 can print up to 180 single-sided colour cards per hour, as opposed to the Enduro’s 100. You can print a mono card in fewer than 6 seconds.


Magicard has always been heavily focused on security – their Holokot watermark feature was pioneering when it was first introduced, and they continue to lead in this area. The Holokote® feature prints a watermark pattern on the top of the card, making it difficult to forge or clone.

As well as the standard designs available out of the box, the Magicard 300 allows you to store up to 3 custom Holokotes® (which are delivered digitally) – so you could use your logo, or a specific department’s details across the face of the card.

The 300 also has Digital Shredding.

This means that when the personal data has been used for the print job, it’s fragmented, making it irrecoverable. Which puts a tick in your GDPR compliance manual.

This isn’t a replacement for shredding your printer ribbon securely though. Remember that all personal information remains imprinted on the ribbon after a card has been printed. Why shredding your ribbon is so important.

Print Quality

The Magicard 300 prints at 300 x 300 dpi and has a wider colour spectrum, which means it produces more vibrant colours and truer representation of photographs and images.


It’s been designed to be easy to set up and use ‘out of the box’. You don’t need much technical knowledge to get up and running.

Who is it designed for?

The Magicard 300 is the next step up from Magicard’s entry-level printer, the Pronto. The Pronto is one of the cheapest on the market but has limited functionality.

The Pronto has a great price point (less than £500) but it can only print single-sided and you have to hand-feed in each individual card, which makes it inefficient if you’re printing lots of cards at a time – but perfectly fine if you’re printing one visitor badge in a reception for example.

The Magicard 300 comes with input and output hoppers, which means you can stack blank cards in one side, and they’ll be collected at the other. So if you’re batch printing – for example a run of 50 membership cards at a time – it will handle this easily.

In terms of capacity, it’s pitched at organisations that need to print up to 10,000 cards a year, which makes it a perfect ID card printer for schools, colleges and small-medium businesses.

Basically, if you don’t need a workhorse for a printer, but you’re doing more than printing the occasional card, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better and more competitively priced option than the Magicard 300.

You’ll also be helping the environment

Magicard will plant a tree for every printer they sell, in partnership with   So you can feel a bit better about your purchase, knowing it’s doing some good in the world.

Other important stuff

The 300 comes with Magicard’s 3-year Limited Warranty which includes printhead cover and direct access to Magicard’s technical support team. It’s also flexible – you can choose to include Magstripe or Smart Encoding options for example, or upgrade from single-sided to double-sided print.

You might also like to know that Magicard printers are the only card printers to be manufactured here in the UK.

We are currently offering a free upgrade to a double sided Magicard 300 when you buy the standard Uno for a limited time only.