The next big things in access control …

It’s IFSEC (International Fire and Safety Exhibition & Conference) this week in Birmingham from 13th-16th May.

IFSEC is the largest event for the security industry, bringing anyone who is anyone in the security industry together to discuss, debate and discover the latest developments and trends.

What developments can we expect to see in access control?

If you’re at the Exhibition, head over to the Access Control & Biometrics product area. Here you’ll be able to find and compare different companies’ integrated access control systems, readers, controllers and software. You’ll be able to test, play and experiment with door entry systems, smart card technology, time & attendance software and biometrics.

It’s also a great opportunity to talk to the manufacturers themselves, and to pit the merits of each system against each other.

Access control product of the year?

One system we would hunt out is the uPASS Access from Nedap, nominated for Access Control Product of the Year.

The innovative uPASS can read normal, battery-free tags from a distance of up to 2 metres. Nedap describe it as the perfect solution for where hands-free is necessary or convenient, for example in hospitals, lab clean rooms or at warehouse doors. What makes it different from others in its field is it’s patented built-in antenna, which given its ultra-small design, wasn’t thought previously possible.

The range and flexibility of the new proximity version is also ideal for disabled users, and it can be programmed to grant access for a longer period for specific users.

Read more about it here

Who to listen to

There are two presentations we’re interested in. The MD of TDSi, John Davies will be giving a presentation on Tuesday about ‘Biometric Data in Schools: dealing with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012’. Security is very much in the spotlight at schools, but are biometrics the way to go? New legislation means that pupils and/or parents have to give consent for biometric data to be used, so schools will have to offer an alternative if they decide to go down this route.

Read more about this topic in our previous blog Stepping up access control in schools: is biometrics the answer?

The other presentation is on Wednesday Information Storage, the Cloud and Access Control: should you sign on the dotted line? This covers the enormous topic of the Cloud and its place in access control. Should be a lively debate.

What do you think the next big thing in access control will be?

The access control market is set to be worth a substantial $8.6 billion by 2018. So one thing’s for sure, we’ll continue to see new and innovative developments in the industry, particularly across Mobile technology and apps.