Time to upgrade to colour plastic cloakroom tags?

Trevor Sorbie cloakroom tag
Make the right brand statement with colour plastic cloakroom tags

We’ve all been there – you hand your nice expensive coat over to the hairdresser or restaurant, and you’re handed back a tatty raffle ticket. Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence does it?

If you’re still using paper raffle tickets as part of your guest welcome, consider what it’s saying about your brand. Especially when you could be handing over a plastic cloakroom tags with your logo and brand colours on – and even a promotional message. Advertise your current offer or your sister establishment. Or remind them to check your website for the latest deals. Use them as more than just a means of claiming a coat back.

All kinds of establishments are upgrading to our colour plastic cloakroom tags, from theatres to hotels, and they’re being increasingly used by companies for events and conferences. They’re now one of our best sellers as more companies realise the importance of giving the right impression of their brand.

We can print 400 double sided plastic cloakroom tags (200 numbered pairs) to your own specification for just £213.46.