Training certificate cards get a make-over

We’re never surprised by the uses our customers find for printed plastic cards. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. We can be printing a handful of ID cards for a charity in one hour and event invites with a scratch panel and QR code the next.

We’ve recently had a number of training companies come to us for plastic training certificate cards. Rather than giving people who have passed their training a piece of paper that sits in a drawer somewhere, they are choosing handy wallet-sized certificates instead.

The benefits of plastic training certificate cards 

Handing someone who has successfully completed a qualification or training a plastic card has a lot more value than a photocopied piece of paper. For one, it’s something the recipient can keep in their wallet and show off with pride: it’s a symbol of their hard work.

It’s also an easy way for the bearer to prove their qualification at work (for example if they are on a different site) or in a job interview.

By including a signature strip on the card, you can write the Learner’s name, or ask them to sign it as confirmation.

Training certificate cards can also act as a reminder of the modules studied or credits achieved, or contain key information on the reverse. You could also include all of the training company’s details, or list more relevant courses.

250 custom printed, double sided plastic cards start from just £123.00.