What are your customers saying about you online?

If you’re a restaurant, hotel or café, you can live or die by online reviews. With user-generated content everywhere on the web, a bad customer experience can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Love it or hate it, sites like tripadvisor.co.uk are the first place people look when they’re researching where to stay, or where to take colleagues or family out for a meal.

Do you know what your customers are saying about you?

A few bad reviews can do lasting damage to your reputation and your business. Are you aware of what’s being said about you online? You might not like what you find, but if you’re armed with the knowledge, you can take steps to do something about it. If you’re not, you’ll see the effect on footfall into your establishment, without knowing why.

Manage your reputation

Do thorough research. If you find a negative comment, do some PR management and post a reply to try and resolve the situation. Apologise and ask them to get in touch with you so you can offer a discount or voucher for their next visit. Even if you can’t convert a dissatisfied customer, you can give a positive impression to the hundreds of other potential customers who may be reading the review.

You might also find there’s a problem in an area of the business you weren’t aware of.

Take steps to address problems

Learn from the feedback online and implement changes. You’d be surprised how many guests complain about the cloakroom in establishments. Comments like “Beware the cloakroom”, “cloakroom items lost” and “get some cloakroom tags!” are common on TripAdvisor.

Many establishments simply don’t have a system for the cloakroom, so it becomes a ‘free for all’, with coats and accessories going missing. Many that do have a system still hand over tatty paper tickets, which does nothing to inspire confidence. How much damage is this doing to your brand and reputation? What impression is it giving your customers from the minute they walk in the door?

An easy & cheap problem to fix

For just £42 you can get 200 pre-printed plastic cloakroom tags in numbered pairs. One slots easily over the coat hanger, the duplicate is given to the customer. For a fully branded, professional solution, we can print 200 full colour, plastic cloakroom tags to your own design from £185.38. We do this for lots of hotels, restaurants, hairdressers and visitor centres – like Trevor Sorbie and The Shard in London.

At these prices, can you afford not to? At the end of the day, you can give the best meal or service in the world, but if you lose the customer’s expensive Dior coat, it’ll be you picking up the tab – and paying the price of a bad online review.

Search for our plastic cloakroom tags here.