What was happening 20 years ago?

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we’re taking a look back to the Year 2001.

If you’re too young to remember, lucky you.

Particularly as this means you’ve probably been spared the agony of internet dial up.

Suffice to say things have changed a lot in the last 20 years.

In the news

2001 was certainly a year of extreme highs and lows. World changing events such as the Twin Towers terrorist attack can never be forgotten, as millions of us watched the horror unfold in front of us on the TV screen.

The news channels had some big issues to cover such as outbreaks of foot and mouth disease, and torrential rain leading to the worst floods in 20 years across the UK.

And who can forget John Prescott infamously punching a protestor during a visit to Rhyl in North Wales? (Well, he did throw an egg at him.)

On the big and small screen

Most of us were tuned into the exploits of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica & Chandler every week

We were watching a lot of Friends, ER and Will and Grace on the TV.

Coronation Street aired it’s 5000th episode (yes you read that right) while over in EastEnders, viewers were gripped with just who shot Phil Mitchell.

It was Lisa.

Over on the big screen, cinema viewers flocked to see the first Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies came out in the cinema and Gladiator won the Best Film at the Oscars.

Another franchise starting this year was The Fast and the Furious and Shrek which lead to many, many sequels, although sadly not together.

In other news, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise broke up.

In our ears

2001 saw musical acts such as Steps, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Westlife dominate the charts, along with Blue, Atomic Kitten, Hear Say and Robbie Williams.

Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t get you out of my head” was one of the best-selling singles.

Fashion and leisure

Fashion was… interesting to say the least. Capri jeans (low rise of course) with layers upon layers of vest tops or a dress over jeans if you preferred?

Crystals and embellishments and skinny scarves were de rigeur along with a wide belt to finish the look.

The dial up tone is what most of us will remember from the pain of connecting to the Internet in the early 2000’s

Microsoft releases a new gaming console thing called the X-Box.

(It’ll never take off.)

A British survey finds that 40% of households are now online, using dial-up access.

Good job X-Box didn’t have to rely on it back then as it really wouldn’t have taken off.

The population

The top 3 girls’ names in the UK were Chloe, Emily and Megan. Boys names were Jack, Thomas and Joshua.

In the UK, almost 0.8% of the population stated their religion as Jedi on their 2001 census forms, making it the fourth largest reported religion in the country.

And in other news, Pizza Hut Delivered a Pizza to the International Space Station.

It cost over a million dollars to do it. And it was probably stone cold.