When it’s cold and wet, where are your people parking?

When it’s wintry weather out there, we’d all rather jump into a warm car than brave the elements. Which is all very well when there’s enough parking to go around, but some organisations find their car parks being abused in bad weather by people who don’t have the right to park there.

School car park permit
Control who uses your car park with branded permits

Do you know who is parking in your car park at the moment? Staff from neighbouring businesses or the general public may be taking advantage of your spaces, or some of your own people could be nipping in when they’re not meant to. As well as creating a problem for those staff who do have a rightful parking space, this can also mean that visitors are unable to find a spot.

If you’re not in the market for an expensive vehicle entry solution, getting some car park passes printed could be an affordable alternative: for just £64.50 we can provide you with 100 custom branded plastic car park passes and holders.

The car park passes are made from specially designed tough polyester for durability and are wipe clean, so you can write on visitor details when they arrive. They are made to withstand UV and high & low temperatures. So for a small outlay, you could have branded car park passes that will help make parking issues a thing of the past at your workplace or school.

Deter illegal parkers

The car park passes will act as a deterrent for ‘illegal’ parkers, which may be enough. Or go one step further and have reception staff or admin staff go out to check cars for valid car park permits. A note on each vehicle that doesn’t have a car park pass is usually enough to dissuade the driver from parking there again. Or if it’s members of staff who are abusing the car park, you could ‘name and shame’ via registration numbers.

We know that parking is one of the major frustrations of the daily commute. Give your staff a stress-free arrival into work with their own car park pass.