Why offer Christmas gift cards?

Christmas gift card graphic
Offer Christmas themed gift cards to increase sales

If you’re a retailer, you’ll be gearing up for the busiest time of the year. Christmas isn’t far away and the organised shoppers amongst us are already beginning to work through the present list. Have you got your Christmas gift cards printed and ready?

All major retailers offer plastic gift cards in a choice of designs, but you don’t have to be a national high street store to provide plastic gift cards to your customers. All shops and establishments, no matter how small, can boost sales during the Christmas period by providing high quality gift cards to customers.

The benefits

As well as increasing sales in the run up to Christmas, gift cards also ensure you have visiting customers during the New Year – many of whom will spend more than the value of their gift card. They also introduce new customers into your store and encourage repeat visits from your existing ones. For a small initial investment, a gift card can give much more in return.

Which type of gift card?

It’s time to get rid of those paper vouchers. We can provide 250 gift cards custom printed to your own designs from just £111.75. These are the same thickness as a standard credit card. You can have cards printed in £5, £10 and £25 quantities, or provide ‘blank value’ cards of different designs that are then pre-loaded. For the latter, you’ll also need the technology to manage card balances in-store. This could work with your existing loyalty card scheme. If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our friendly team, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Plastic gift cards are easily stored, issued and tracked, unlike paper certificates. Then of course there’s the fact that your card is a constant advertisement in people’s pockets.

So the only question left is what designs will you choose? A traditional Santa or a winter wonderland scene? Design and artwork are included in our prices, so why not let us have a look for you.