Why overprinting is a good idea for membership cards schemes

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Print more membership cards than you need upfront for future joiners

Cut down on reordering costs for membership cards throughout the year

How do you manage the production of cards for new members that join after the initial deadline has passed?

If you have a plastic card printer, you’ll just print out new membership cards when you need them. Taking out the cost of the actual printer itself (which can cost upwards of £1,000 for a decent one), this is a fairly cost-effective and easy way of managing new joiners throughout the year.

But what if you don’t have a plastic card printer?

Ask your card printing bureau about overprinting

If you have your membership cards professionally printed by a card bureau, ask them if they offer an overprinting option.

This service allows you to print more membership cards than you need for your initial run, which are then kept ‘in reserve’ until you need them. These reserve membership cards are fully branded, and follow consequential numbering, so they don’t look any different from the initial run. They’re just not personalised.

You can then ‘call off’ the cards throughout the year, a handful at a time. Simply send the required data (names, etc) and the cards will be overprinted accordingly.

Most card bureaus will charge a small admin and posting fee for this service, but you won’t be paying a new set-up fee or printing fee for a new run of cards.

This route cuts down on reordering costs throughout the year, and can negate the need to invest in a plastic card printer at all.

The Card Network offers an overprinting option on all our membership card packages. Please contact us for more information.