Why you should consider adding QR codes onto your Golf Membership Cards

QR codes are proving to be invaluable at reducing touchpoints across hospitality venues – and can do the same at your golf club

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The announcement that golf courses are allowed to open again in Scotland & Wales with England due to follow on 29th of March is the news we’ve all been waiting for.

As one of the first outdoor sports to be given the go-ahead to re-open, many golf clubs will be hoping to see similar levels of interest that were experienced after the last lockdown was lifted.

Given the images of crowded golf club car parks we’ve already seen in Wales and Scotland, the signs are good.

Getting the club ready for members takes a lot of planning

Although re-opening club facilities and catering in accordance with the roadmap will have its challenges, things should be easier for clubs this time around as many COVID protocols and procedures are already in place.

When you’re planning the opening of club facilities and catering alongside the Play Safe Golf Roadmap, one thing to consider is how you can make use of the humble QR code.

Once consigned to the marketing rubbish pile, the QR code is proving to be invaluable during this pandemic, being the ideal way to ensure touchless interaction.

A new generation is now comfortable ‘scanning in’ when they enter an establishment, thanks in the main to the NHS track and trace programme.

The more contactless the experience is for your golfers, the better

Protocols around not touching the flag or shaking hands are well versed; managing how golfers will access club facilities, check in at the pro shop or order a meal may be more tricky.

QR codes have a key part to play here. These black and white squares can allow people to access your menu via their smartphone for example, order their meal or drinks at the bar and even pay at the end – all controlled by only touching their own device.

How you could use QR codes around the clubhouse

When you’re allowed to serve food and drink outside, avoid golfers entering the club house to order by providing a QR code on the table or membership card

From 12th April in England, as long as everything continues to go to plan, outdoor social areas can open, with food and drink served outside (with the rule of six applying).

Scan to access the menu and order without having to go inside

By using a QR code, golfers could access your menu and place their order, which neatly avoids them having to enter the clubhouse and congregating in the bar area.

For members, one of the easiest ways for them to do this is via a QR code on their golf membership card – especially if that card also acts as a cashless vending card linked to their account.

Scan to notify the Pro that you’re here for your lesson or that your golf society has arrived

QR Code example

With Pro Shops due to open at the same time, part of the focus will be on avoiding unnecessary numbers of people in an enclosed space.

Placing a QR code in an obvious place could be an easy way for a golfer to announce their arrival without having to go inside, making it particularly helpful for when groups arrive.

When indoor catering is allowed, scan for another round of drinks

Hopefully, in mid-May, we’ll get the green light to eat or drink inside. When members and visitors start to move indoors, it will become all the more important to reduce congested areas and reduce contact points.

The idea of picking up a menu that’s been through countless hands before yours becomes a no-no. Again, by placing a code on the table instead – or even better on the membership cards – you’re ensuring no unnecessary contact.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about how you could manage things now

Printing your own Membership Cards allows you to change design & elements whenever you need to

If you’re about to start printing your next golf membership card run, it’s worth considering whether incorporating a QR code is a good idea. It shouldn’t cost you any extra in terms of the print, but could provide a lot of benefits.

And if you want to truly future-proof your cards, consider printing them yourselves on demand.

Investing in a membership card printer isn’t as expensive as you might think, and it gives you the flexibility to amend your design or update your QR code whenever you need to.