Why your reception pines for a rewritable card printer

If security is paramount to your organisation and you have a lot of visitors to your location(s), or a lot of temporary staff workers, you probably administer a lot of plastic ID cards.

id_card_3_1All of which are likely thrown in the bin at the end of the day.

Wouldn’t it be easier (and more environmentally friendly) if you could just re-use them?

Enter the benefits of rewritable card technology.

Just what exactly is a rewritable card printer anyway?

Lightweight and small, the Evolis Tattoo is ideal for badging at events
Lightweight and small, the Evolis Tattoo is ideal for badging at events

A rewritable card printer, like the Evolis Tattoo2, is the same as any other plastic ID card printer in that it prints custom designed plastic cards like ID cards.

Where it’s different is that it doesn’t use a printer ribbon, and the fact that it can erase and re-print the same card up to 500 times.

Rather than using a ribbon to print details onto a plastic card, a rewritable card printer uses thermal imaging, which allows it to erase all previous detail on a card, and print new information in its place.

Which not only makes it rather clever, but also makes it highly economically and environmentally efficient, as there’s no need to buy printer ribbons and stacks of blank plastic cards.

It also makes it a brilliant recycling tool (so that’s another box ticked).

Where rewritable cards really deliver benefits

If regularly print temporary cards, for example for Visitors or temporary workers/contractors, rewritable cards are ideal. Just like a regular ID card, you can print a photograph and specific details on each card (such as the date or time it is valid to, ideal for weekly passes), or specific areas that the card holder is entitled to enter.

When the card is handed back in, the information can be erased, ready for the next person, or simply updated (for example if a temporary worker’s contract is extended).

Most rewritable printers also come with optional encoding abilities, allowing you to turn the ID card into an access card.

It’s also an ideal partner at events

The Evolis Tattoo2 is extremely lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to throw in your bag when you’re setting up for an event. It’s quick to print, so you can provide personalised Event badges in seconds – particularly ideal if they have signed-up or paid to attend specific talks or presentations.

Ask the attendees to return their badges as they leave, and simply recycle them for the next group.

Make sure you buy the right cards though

One other thing – you can’t use regular blank plastic PVC cards in a rewritable printer – they must be made from rewritable thermochromic material, like these.

For organisations that regularly use temporary cards, rewritable card printers deliver cost savings, efficiencies and environmental benefits. So why wouldn’t you?